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Monday, June 27, 2011

Where to go from here....

Did all of my shopping yesterday, didn't save a whole lot, but did decide that HEB and Walgreens are my favorite places to shop. I admit that Wal mart is cheaper to shop at, but they don't have a very good meat department and I'm kinda weird about my meats! My husband and I try to eat organic food as much as we can, but you can't always get organic meat at Walmart. Now...HEB has a wonderful selection of meats and they will take any and all coupons you have. They do not, however, price match against Walmart due to them being super cheap on everything. I think I would rather pay a little more and get the best products available to me. I would save as much as I can at the other stores who do price match, stack coupons, or just have really great deals! Walgreens will allow you to stack your coupons and that is awesome because I can save a truck load of money on things that are really needed. CVS is also good about their in store coupons and the deals they have every week. So....the point is...find the best store for you to shop at and use what you've got in coupon knowledge to get the best deals you can without compromising what you feel is best for you!

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