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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traveling Gnomes.....

Hi all~
Hubby and I have been busy little travelers in the past two weeks and boy have we had a great time! We left New York to go home for a job that his company wanted him to do and 300 hundred miles out, we decided that it just wasn't for us, so we decided to go see our daughter and grand kids while we had the chance. I am so glad that we went to see them, we had such a great time with them and made some great memories too! After that we went to Florida to see my mother and father in-law and even though hubby caught a nasty cold, we still managed to have a great time and hopefully mended a few fences too!

We are back in New York for today....we are headed home to Texas to take care of some business with our house and to see my family and a few good friends too. After that, we are headed to Richmond, California! That will be our new spot for the time being and I am very excited about that...don't get me wrong..I love NY, but it's gonna get real cold here pretty soon and I am a Texas girl after all...I love California and all the natural goodness that comes with it. I am looking forward to settling into my routine again.

Speaking of routines....I totally blew mine out of the water while we were visiting the family, but I am back on track now and the sugar has gone away again and the exercise and started again too! It's hard to exercise when you are traveling so much, but I have managed to work in a little here and there and eating on the road is super hard, but I told hubby that we are going to eat as healthy as we can or I am packing a lunch to go...of course he agreed...he likes it when I am feeling good and "not so grumpy" as he says it! LOL!

So off we go on a brand new adventure and I'll be posting more when we get settled, but until then, I hope you are all happy, healthy, and blessed! Chow!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Loving where you are....

I've spent a good deal of time wishing I was here or there in my life or wishing I had this or that in my life because that would make me happy...right?? I guess we all do this at some point in time, but in the last few years, I've had to throw all that out the window and tend to my parents being sick or my kids needing my help  for whatever the reason was at the time and I really didn't think about what it would take for me to be happy. After my dad passed away in January, I felt completely lost and a lot depressed and things were changing for me and if you know me...I DO NOT like change at all....I fought against it all because I was stuck in that mode of being afraid of what the change would mean in my life. 

Well.... lo and behold.....we went to New York for my hubby's job and of course, I complained all the way about how I wasn't going to like it and it was too far away from my kids and yada..yada..yada....but once we got there, something happened....I began to stop looking for what would make me happy and I decided to just BE happy, no matter what my situation was, no matter how I was feeling, no matter what..and guess what??  I started to think about what I needed and what I wanted to do and it just snowballed into me eating healthier and I started walking everyday and it felt so good to be doing all of this. I was amazed at how quickly my self esteem rose and I started to enjoy every minute of every day!

I have to say, that once you decide to be happy and content..your whole world changes. I no longer cared about what the negative people were saying, I don't care that I'm not exactly perfect in my weight and shape, I really don't care what other people are doing....I just care about being happy and making those that I love happy. Why do we get so involved in what the world thinks of us? Is that something we are conditioned for when we are growing up? I am all for beautiful clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc.. but it doesn't define who I am and that is what is so great...I am me and I am ok with that. Some days, I look like poop and some days I look great....that is ok. Some days I feel like running a marathon and some
days it's hard to get out the front door....that is ok. It's ok to just be happy and to love yourself no matter where you are in your life.

So girls...and guys's ok to just be matter what! Don't feel guilty or bad because you are happy and others are not. I think if we all decided to just be happy then everything else just falls into place. I truly believe that being happy is contagious and if we spread it around enough, then we can help other people happy too. If you can't make someone happy....then that just means they haven't decided to be happy thems selves. Love where you are and love who you are and spread that sunshine around. Being happy truly is a choice and it's the best choice I've made in a long time!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Traveling again....

Hi All~
We are traveling again and I haven't been able to post either to a lack of internet or just being too darn busy! We left New York a week ago and headed south to my daughter's home in South Carolina. We have five grand babies there that we haven't seen in awhile and it sure was a ton of fun loving on them all week! 
We are now in Florida visiting my mother and Father in-law and resting up. My hubby has come down with a severe head cold and is not feeling very good right now, so I thought this is my chance to catch up on what's going on "out there". I didn't walk or diet while in SC, so I am feeling sluggish and funky, but since we are here in Florida, I am trying to work all the walking and healthy eating out again. It's hard to be good when you are traveling and especially having a mother in-law that loves to make us a big ole country breakfast every morning and thinks that we don't eat enough!! I think she may need glasses....we don't look like we have missed any meals!
On Sunday, we leave for Texas, where we'll get to see our home again! Yay! I love going home to sleep in my big ole comfy bed and to see all my pictures and familiar things around the house! We have been having wildfires all around our house, so that is another reason to go home and check out what's going on. My sister will be flying home from Japan to get Chewy...I'll be sad to see him go, but he is her dog...I keep telling myself that....and she needs him home again. I'll also be visiting some family while we are home and that is always a good thing. After that...who knows where we'll be....we'll have to wait and see. So, until we are settled in again, I probably won't be posting much, but I'll be back in the swing again soon enough. Until then, I hope everyone is happy, safe, and well.