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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenges and changes in scenery!!

Wow!! It's been awhile since I last posted in my blog! As most of you know, Dave and I have been all over the country in the last month or so and now we are settled in at Concord, California. It's nice here and not too far from San Francisco. The weather is great and the scenery is beautiful around here. The hotel we are in is not our usual, went to check in and it smelled nasty, so off we went to the hotel we are in now. It's fancy and wonderful, but no kitchen to cook in!! Don't get me wrong....I love to eat out....just not everyday!! So, now the challenge of trying to eat light and healthy while eating out all the's hard, but I am determined to eat right as I can, while we are here. 
I have continued to walk while here, as I said the weather is awesome and the scenery is beautiful, so that helps a lot. There is also an indoor pool right outside my room and although I am not a good swimmer, I do try to do some laps...barring the creepy, hairy guy is not around! {{shutters}} It also helps that it is so close that I can run and jump in before anyone sees me in my swim suit....not a pretty sight, but as I've said....working on getting that swimsuit body back...or at least something close to it! I'm not trying to be a model, just healthy again and in good enough shape to keep up with the grand kids!!
The other challenge is that my hubby is working a weird shift...noon-midnight....and my schedule is conflicting with his as well as the two-three hour time difference that I'm not used to yet. I am working on it, but I don't usually do well with these weird schedules, but at least he has Sunday's off and we can plan some day trips to all the neat and interesting places around here. Weird how our bodies refuse to adhere to any kind of change when we are older. Oh well....guess I'll have to work on that one.
Other than these things, all is well. I have the baking/cooking bug in me again as this is my favorite time of year and of course, I can't cook!! I'll find a way....I am just going to have to be creative. There is a mini fridge and a microwave in the room, I do have my "easy bake oven" that's what I call and I have my George Foreman grill, but not sure as to what the hotel policy is for having those...hmmm...may have to cozy up the the staff and see what happens. I could cozy up the the chef in the restaurant and see if he'll let me cook!! Ha! Ha! That would be awesome!! Stranger things have happened... I do have quite a few recipes that I want to post, some are mine, some my Mom's and some are from other varying places, but they are all favorites and I think you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Until next time, I hope you are happy, healthy, and blessed!


  1. It's been a couple weeks since this post...are you moving? or were you traveling?

  2. We travel all the time with my husbands job, so we are on the road about 9 months out of the year. We have been traveling a lot lately.