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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's time for a change....

It really is time for a myself and the life that I am living! I have always just cruised through life, not a care in the world, oblivious to what the future was bringing me and BLAM!! Life came on with a vengeance and I had no idea what to do! The last five years of my life has been absolutely insane, full of stress, and downright heartbreaking! I honestly didn't think I would survive...but I have...and things are calming down and for the first time in my life, I am asking the question of...."What the hell do I do now?". My parents are children are grown and out of the house, my husband and I are traveling the country and really getting to know each other, he works all day and here I am wondering what am I going to do with my time.

Well, for one, I've started this blog and I really didn't know what to write about. I thought maybe I could write about coupons and deals and freebies....that seemed like a good idea or I could write about traveling and food and all the crazy stuff that goes along with traveling the country, but I felt like I was trying to be like everyone else or trying to fit into some sort of "group" and that is just not me, So, I am just going to write about what I like and what I enjoy and if someone reads it  and likes it...awesome! If not, then that's ok too!
Secondly....for the first time in y life I have started exercising! This one is a huge deal because I have never exercised! I hate it! I hate sweating, I hate my body hurting and I hate having to get out there and look like a fool...ha ha ha!! Not I don't mind it at all, don't get me wrong, I don't love it, but I am feeling better about myself and honestly?? My booty is getting firmer, my legs aren't so wiggly, and I am wearing clothes that I haven't worn in awhile!  So...we shall see where this journey in exercising takes me. 

I have learned many, many, lessons about life in the last few years and I am taking those experiences and applying them to my life and how I don't want or do want it to be. I've learned , with the death of my parents, that life is too short to worry all the time or to stress about things that I can't really is too short for this kind of behavior. I have learned through the loss of the dreams that I had for my youngest son that it's ok to make new dreams and to never, never, give up on those dreams because things change all the time and sometimes better dreams come about and better things come out of heartaches and dashed hopes. I have also learned that I am worth it, I am important, and most importantly....I have learned to value myself and to love myself. Failure is no longer an option with me....I can do whatever I set my mind to be or do and THAT is the best advice my mother ever gave me. I am finally listening to you mom and I thank God everyday for the time I had with you.

So, with all that said....I will continue my journey with changing my life into exactly what I want it to be and no one in this world can tell me any different!

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