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Monday, August 15, 2011

My love of wine!!

As most everyone knows, Dave and I love wine. We travel quite a bit with his job and everywhere we go, we find new wines to try and some to stockpile and bring with us. We have been everywhere from California to New York to Florida. We are now staying in Troy, NY and have found a whole surplus of wineries and places to go to try out new wines.

My first big find was in San Francisco at Trader Joe's. Who knew great wine could be so Cheap. Two Buck Chuck is what they call it, I call it yummolicious! It's a blush by Charles Shaw and when we left SF, we had 6 cases in tow. Of course, I shared it with family and friends and they loved it too! Sadly, being from Texas, we couldn't find it anywhere, but just a few months ago, we found out that Georgetown, which is just a few towns over, now has a Trader Joe's and we are so excited! 

I have found many, many, different wines all over the country and I have to say that just about any kind of Moscato wine is my favorite wine to drink. There has been an explosion with the moscato wine industry..that I can tell, since I first discovered it. It is a sweet wine and always a white wine, but it is just so yummy and great to drink with everything. I am in no way a wine expert, I couldn't tell you what kind of wine goes well with certain kinds of food if my life depended on it! I just love wine and I love going to all the great wineries all over the country and testing which ones I like the best, taking the tours, and hearing the back stories of how they are made. 

The wine pictured is my new favorite! My sister told me about this and I had to e-mail the company to find out where it was, but they e-mailed me back and and lo and was just down the street at the Spirit of Troy store. It was 6.99 a bottle, which was awesome and tasted just as good as they said it did. Of course, I stocked up and made sure the owner knew I was going to be his favorite customer....not that I drink a lot...LOL! I will be posting more pics and reviews of my love for wine and I hope you try it and enjoy!!

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